Throwback Thursday


Recognize this guy? This is the man who made Komp a reality. Gene Ragan has made a career building tools that make it easier for artists and musicians to create. Cheers to you, Gene!

Waltz Wednesday


Well, we’ve waltzed right into Wednesday. We’ll keep squashing bugs and streamlining features. You just sit back, enjoy this video and maybe bust a move for us.

Trivia Tuesday


We are one day closer to launch! As we continue to fine tune Komp, we wanted to offer, YOU, the chance to win a free month of use on the app! All you need to do is be the first to answer this tid bit of trivia. 
Q: Before Erard's 1810 patent of the present day double-action pedal harp, a famous family of harp makers in Paris created a harp that could raise each pitch of each string by two semitones. How did they achieve this and why did the concept not catch on?
Best of luck!

Music Monday


Help us celebrate as we countdown to the official launch date of Komp. This Friday April 28, 2017 Komp will go live on the app store! Each day this week we'll share something special so be sure check in. You definitely won't want to miss tomorrow's post. Now to celebrate Music Monday, enjoy this score by our very own Matthew Briggs.